Lend a Helping Hand!

Are you right handed or left handed? Either way it doesn’t really matter! The most important part is that we extend a hand to help others in need.  Most people think of service as helping others in need, those who may be underprivileged by going to a food bank or nursing home.  This type of service is wonderful, but here on SRU campus, day to day experiences with these people are hard to come by.  However, many Slippery Rock students find many ways to help others around them throughout the day. 

Just yesterday, a girl who I would consider to be an acquaintance in my class looked like she was having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.  Throughout the class I came up with an easy way to help brighten her day.  Being a Chocolate Queen, I wrote my name, number, and a little encouragement note on a post-it and taped a Hersey Kiss to it.  At the end of the class I gave it to her and told her that whatever she is going through, I’m here to talk or rant to whenever she might need me.  Although it might have seemed like a small gesture, she texted me later in the day to say that it helped her get through the rest of her day. 

Many people at Slippery Rock do similar gestures for me or a fellow friend throughout our days.  It might be help on a homework question, a bright smile as you pass through the quad, or inviting you to eat lunch at The Fluh with them when you pop in for a quick snack.  The professors and faculty are truly amazing as well and honestly care more about you as a person than as an academic number.  Through some hard experiences last semester, a few of my teachers went out of their way to e-mail me on extension dates of assignments and other ways that they could help.  Being a student in such a friendly and giving environment has truly made the last semesters here at The Rock memorable and rewarding! Come check out The Rock to see what SRU can DO FOR YOU!

Hope you all are having a great week!

Until next time… Keep shining!

Kaitlin 🙂


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