Back Again!

Here we are…back again. At times like this, I hear a voice in my head saying that I must be insane, that surely I had enough last semester, and why would I sign up again for more punishment. Yep…the voice is back.

Yes, I work full-time and two classes take a lot of creative time management. And, this semester my evening class is even later than usual. By the time I finish and drive home, it will simply be time to go to bed. I’ll sleep and come right back to campus. This only accounts for my day job and my classes. It doesn’t take into account all the other responsibilities that I have as a single person, homeowner, pet owner, person with poultry, and person trying to start or keep alive a small business. Woe is me! Then there are all those other time-consuming things like vehicle maintenance, physical check-ups, snowy roads, and the occasionally emergency repair of something. Now that it’s all listed, yes, I think I am insane!

So, each semester, I end up asking myself why I do it. The answer is what keeps me going. I want the degree. I want the education. I want the exposure to instructors, knowledge, programs, and organizations. I want to continue to grow. This is one way to accomplish all that. And the fact that I’m nearing the finish line helps spur me on, too. I don’t enjoy the pressure due to time constraints, but I do enjoy the learning. The education is worth it.

So, here I am…a semi-insane woman having another go-round with one more semester of higher education. Even though it’s a challenge, I’m sure I will have a smile on my face most of the time.

– Laurel P.


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