It finally hit. As if it were planned, the weather changed almost instantaneously from the rainy days in November to the white out Slippery Rock is experiencing this December.  I’m not surprised by the change at all.  In fact, I was starting to wonder when it would start to fall.  Slippery Rock looks more like its old self when it’s freezing outside and covered in snow.

  Although many people see the snow as a bad thing, it is truly a blessing.  The icy roads, blistering winds, and freezing blanket over the landscape are not all bad.  The snowfall provides opportunities for many forms of recreation which are usually unavailable.  Some of these include, snowball fights, making snow angels, cross-country skiing, and waking your roommates to a face full of fresh powder.  It really is a great time of the year.

Another great thing about this time of year is all the holiday celebrations.  I celebrate Christmas, and this year I decided to try something different by doing all of my shopping online.  I found it to be much quicker and easier than going to a store and fighting my way to the best deals available, but it does have its downside.  I wound up paying just as much in shipping as I did for many of the items that I bought.  I even paid more for the cost of shipping than for one item (FYI, the item didn’t cost much and was coming from Uganda).  I am happy to say that I am almost done with all of my shopping and have only spent $100 dollars this year. 

I think I should end by reminding my readers to drive safe, stay warm, and enjoy this beautiful time of the year.  Rather than curse the cold and snow, embrace it.  Welcome it with open arms, and you will find it is not near as bad as you thought.

– Chris Kite


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