Peace and Love

What was discovered this week was terribly tragic news and our thoughts and prayers go out to Leo King and his family.  This is a really tough time for everyone, but they are the ones that need the love and kind hearts the most right now.

Even though it was not that long ago when Leo passed, it still does not seem real to the SRU community.  It’s almost as if something wasn’t right and that when next week comes around we will see him again.  He will be just as happy as always wearing the smile that never faded and just stroll up and things will be the way they were before all of this.

He was such a fun-loving, kind-hearted guy.  He would do anything for you no matter what.  Each day he would go out of his way just to make sure you knew he saw you.  He would always greet you with big hug and be just as happy to see  you that day as he was on the first day he met you.

Leo was so much a part of everyone’s lives here at SRU that he is going to be greatly missed the more and more this sets into being reality.

There was not a day that went by where he wasn’t out playing ball with his brother, with they boys’ basketball team, helping or volunteering, studying, talking to professors, working, or just showing he cared.  He was always on the go, keeping busy and no matter what, his personality was always there to bring you up.

If you did not see Leo one day you heard about it and had to see him the next day.  He always wanted to make you feel better or just let you know that he was thinking about you; always up for something fun and exciting.

He had the heart of a lion, which was just ironic and fitting considering he called himself “Leo the lion”.  He was the special kind of person that does not come around often, one that will put you first before he even considers doing something for himself.

He had a heart of gold and is missed so dearly by so many.  No matter what he did or how he felt he had the whole campus supporting him.  He was a great guy and a great person that was definitely sent here to touch the lives of many.  We were truly blessed to have him in our presence and now that he is gone, we just are not complete.  We will miss him so much, but knowing that he is in a better place will have to calm our emotions for the time being.



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