What will Tomorrow Bring?

So Slippery Rock probably has one of the most absurd weather patterns.  One day we are out and about without any jackets, then its 30 degrees the next day.  From there we had the days where it rained all day and all night without stopping and now this.  It is the first official snow fall that we have all seen and had classes at the same time.  This weather has a mind of its own.  No wonder why the weather forecasters always are getting it wrong; it’s just that unpredictable.  Who would have ever thought the rain yesterday would stop and we would wake up to snow this morning?

So if the weather isn’t crazy enough, it is that time when everyone’s lives are for sure crazy.  Oh, to have a day to just lay in bed and forget about everything.  Just one day not to have to get up and do anything, but right now that is completely out of the question.  It has already begun though; the countdown.  Each day we get a step closer to having another semester in and completed.  We are almost there!  Don’t give up now!



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