Philly Cup

This is the longest short week ever.  SRU is having classes on Monday and Tuesday before the much anticipated fall break.  I cannot wait for Thanksgiving.  The last couple weeks have been dragging and have left me mentally exhausted.  Along with the mental drain, I am currently nursing knee pain after Philly Cup which is an inter-chapter event held in Philadelphia each fall by Temple and Drexel’s chapters of Phi Sigma Pi.  The trip was enjoyable for the most part, but I do not want to sit through another 12-hour trip to play 10 minutes of soccer.

Philly Cup started Friday night with a party for all the brothers.  Once we finished partying up and meeting people from various chapters, we ordered some late night Chinese takeout which was amazing. It wasn’t that it was really that good, but I was craving it at that time.  It also came with some extra sweet tea and an order of general tso’s chicken for free because of our large order.  We woke early on Saturday morning and made our trip to the field.  They had plenty of bagels and water waiting for us.  The bracket had our chapter playing against ESU, East Stroudsburg University, for the first game.  I was having a great time playing, and we were doing phenomenal.  Our team was already up 2-0 when I went to pivot and chase the ball down field.  Unfortunately, my knee gave out, so I had to spend the rest of the tournament on the sideline.  We went on to win that game 4-0 and lost in the following game 1-0 to Michigan State off a blown call.  After the loss, we had lunch and went to watch the new Harry Potter film.   We left soon after to make the trip home.

I had number of problems with my experience at Philly Cup.  I felt that it was poorly planned or at least poorly executed.  First, the soccer tournament did not have nets.  They did not get nets until the first few games had been played.  Second, they had no assigned medical staff on duty, so when I was injured, one of the girls from the other team whom majored in athletic training had to take care of me.  Third, the bracket gave a first round-by to a couple teams for no reason.  With the number of teams they had, it could have easily been incorporated so that each team would have to play the same number of games to reach the championship.

Overall, the experience was enjoyable, but if it was well planned, then I would have had a better experience.  It did give me a few things to think about in planning my regional fraternity conference in the spring. But as I said before, I am ready for this week to be over.  I look forward to stuffing myself, healing my knee, and mentally recovering this Thanksgiving.

-Chris Kite


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