Second Chances?

So, I am not completely okay with the fact that as soon as a player stops making every single point or has an off day, that they get traded or are let go.  As most have already heard, it is official that Jeff Reed is no longer with Steelers.

Here in “Steeler Country” some are really taking the news hard.  I mean after nine years with the team, it is hard to see him go.

While others feel that this is a good decision, I mean maybe it was, but at the same time maybe there was still hope and Reed just needed time to get back into the swing of things.  Not everyone can be perfect all the time.  I mean we all have our rough times and then we normally get over them and make leaps and bounds upon our return.

I just feel that he was unfairly punished especially since it was still during the season.  I do not feel that it would have come as so much of a shock if the team had chosen to do this after their season was completed.  A fair amount of attention was drawn to the team and any person that comes onto the team now is going to have some big shoes to fill.  Most of the media will be focused on the new kicker, which will take some pressure off the other players, but it may prove to be too much for the new comer as well.

I just wish some people did not jump to conclusions and actually thought about the whole situation before making decisions that will affect not only themselves, but also the well-being of others too.



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