Looking back on Homecoming Events

So now that Homecoming is officially over, I can now get back to my regular life as a college students. One thing I liked about this homecoming is the fact that I was more into it than last year. Last year I was a freshman pledging a fraternity and I did know what the heck was going on. I stood in the background while the brothers of Kappa Sigma worked on the float until someone asked me to do something.
Now my sophomore year when I’m brother now I know what really happens during homecoming. This year I woke up early in the morning of the homecoming parade and walked to one of my brother’s place to get some breakfast and to get my homecoming gear. Then we all walked to the place where we had our float, which we spent some time building. Once everyone is ready to go, we all just ride the float to the parade and then the fun begins. Then after the ten minute parade we had to get tailgating ready. I wasn’t really at tailgating that much but I heard it was a blast. But homecoming is fun and it’s a good way to show your school spirit.

Frank Hammond


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