Halloweekend at SRU!

BOO!! Did I scare you? I hope so! I’ve been practicing all weekend!

Yep Halloween at SRU is not like other campuses- if you don’t want to dress up and go out there are plenty of awesome activities and parties to attend right here on campus! On Friday night I helped organize Campus Crusade for Christ’s annual Halloween Party! Located in the Student Union this year, over 100 people showed up in a many colorful and creative costumes hoping to win a prize in our costume contest! Although my creative all-girls Catholic school girl outfit did not bring home the gold it was still a fun costume!  The music was rocking as we danced the night away to hits like the Cha-Cha Slide and country line dances like Red High Heels! Everyone was having a great time and did not want to evening to end.  But don’t worry when it did most people headed to Watson Great Room for a Star Wars movie marathon which lasted late into the night!  I think that it is awesome that there are other such fun and interactive activities to partake in on the weekends here at SRU, especially Halloween weekend! To say the least we Rocked it all night long and had a GREAT Halloween!

All for now!

Until next time- keep shining!

Kaitlin 🙂


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