The Official LAUNCH of Exercise is Medicine!

Well today is the day. The big day. And I shouldn’t even be telling you about this yet cause its still supposed to be a secret… well I guess I can tell you anyways! Yep today is the OFFICAL LAUNCH of the National Campaign starting here on Slippery Rock University called Exercise is Medicine! Now what is this you ask? It is a campaign for people of all walks of life to start realizing that the best way to prevent and cure injuries and sicknesses is to EXERCISE! With such a huge Exercise Science major on campus, it is no wonder that this National program is being launched HERE at The Rock today!

So how is the launch going to work? Well first we are going to build a spaceship with the words “Exercise is Medicine” on the side of it and blast it into orbit around Saturn today at 2 pm. Yep it’s going to be ridiculous! ……… Ok no we are not. But that is totally boring compared to what we have planned….

Imagine this at 12:15 (our common hour time here at SRU) a few instructors are going to break out into Zumba in the quad. Now realize that Zumba is the number one new exercise class and fastest growing exercise trend in the country and it is huge here on campus! Also realize that the quad is the number one place for students to be walking during common hour. Next Exercise Science students will trickle out of buildings and start to dance some Zumba with the instructors…. Get where this is going yet? Yep you got it—FLASH ZUMBA!  🙂  It is going to be a blast and a great way to promote exercise on our campus as well as others as we plan on broadcasting this around the nation as the official launch of the campaign! Woot woot!

Well I’ll let you know how it goes today- wish us luck!

 Until next time… keep shining!

Kaitlin 🙂


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