Party Planning and the Importance of Organization

                Being in clubs and organizations, I have met a ton of new and exciting people.  It has allowed me the opportunity to step up as a leader this semester, and being the people person I am, the role of social chair in a few clubs.  In order to fulfill my duties as a club member, chair, and leader, I need to hold certain events which can be a gift and a curse.

                The ability to hold social gatherings for friends allows you control over what, when, and where events will be held.  I relish the opportunity to plan activities probably due to my background in recreational therapy (I am quickly becoming a professional in recreation.)  However, my disorganization of my notes has caught up to me before the last leaf could leave the tree.  I know that I said I was more organized this semester, and I am for the most part. But like most students, a few weeks into the semester I quit using the planner and the date book is lying under my bed somewhere.  The problem that has arisen this week is a triple booking of my apartment on Thursday. 

                Originally, I had planned my first major TR Club event for Thursday.  It is a Halloween themed party that was meant to take place from 6-9 (or whenever people felt like leaving) and would have been no problem to run.  I also volunteered my apartment for initiation event number 2 for my fraternity which was supposed to be on Wednesday.  Unfortunately, the initiates are throwing their party that night, so the event was moved to Thursday.  This still would not have been a problem, except for the fact that I was unaware of the move.  The change was listed in our minutes, but I never take the time to read those.  I mean why read about a meeting that you already attended?  I will not make that mistake again.  And if the double booking of my apartment to two different clubs was not enough, I forgot that I have a conference call via Skype to plan the fraternity’s regional event at the same time.  I cannot believe I forgot about it, because it has been my main leadership role in the fraternity since I joined.

                As of now, I plan on ending my TR party early, delegating the conference call to another brother in the frat, and moving the event to 8:30 rather than 8.  I know that being involved is important to my growth and success as a leader, but I wish I would have been more organized.  This planning has been both a gift and curse, but overall, it has taught me the importance of keeping accurate and up-to-date records.

-Chris Kite-


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