The Life of a College Student

As a college student, one learns how to say goodbye to two words that are non-existent in our vocabulary…sleep and relax.  I definitely found that out over fall break.  There is always something more to do or some other place to go to and then when it is all said and done, it is time to go back to class, but oh wait…homework?  Yeah that was left out of the picture cause you fell asleep either on your book or on your lap top.  What a shame!  Now it is time to cram, which is something you did not want to do, but it is absolutely necessary now.  Then, the professors wonder why you are always so tired, but never really accept the excuse or reason.

There are always plans to catch up on everything over the weekend or over break, but by the time friday night hits everyone is so tired and exhausted from the week that they just cannot bring themselves to do anymore.

If it is not classwork calling, it is your manager from your job calling.  There is never a break.  When you are not busy going to class there is class work to do and when you are not working there is homework to do.  It is just a never ending cycle where sleep and relaxation do not fit in anywhere.  Ah…the good life of a typical college student.



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