Hyphens should be used:

  • ·  When two or more adjectives before a noun that act as one idea (one-thought adjectives)
  • ·  In expressions where words have become linked by usage to express one idea
  • ·  In fractions and cardinal numbers consisting of two words
  • – Words prefixed by ex-, self-, or all-, and some words prefixed by cross-.
  • ·  Use hyphens when needed for clarity

             Every so often a technology emerges which completely changes society.  From the abacus to the printing press to the internet, new machinery can dramatically alter the way people work and live.  In the past, these inventions were few and far between.   The adaptation and renewal of each was slow-paced.  Today, we live in an era of technological growth.  It is hard to imagine a time before cell phones were widely used.  It is evident by the fact that ten year old children are walking around with cell phones which were not available to the majority of the public just a few years ago.  Personally, I see no reason why a ten year olds’ schedule would require him/her to have a cell phone but maybe I just wasn’t socially successful at that age. 

Every couple months we are programmed to buy a new, must have item via internet, television, and movie advertisements.  I cannot keep up with all the updates for my iTunes let alone the iPods.  My iPod touch which I received last Christmas is now two generations out-of-date, not-to-mention the fact that iPods are old news compared to the iPad (the term is so new that Microsoft Word’s spell check did not recognize it).  All of the technology has my brain on overload.  There is not a minute of the day when a piece of modern technology is out of my reach.  It all has led to a global reliance on technology to survive.  President Smith always makes the joke that if you take a cell phone away from some students that they might forget how to walk being that they are so used to texting on the move.

You may be asking yourself, ‘Why is Chris hating on technology?’, and to that I respond, “Ask me using correct grammar and maybe you’ll be enlightened with my answer.” (jkjk) The real reason is that my phone which has now turned two years old suddenly stopped holding a charge.  The battery reached its life expectancy and quit on me, so rather than immediately replace my phone, I decided to embark on a social experiment.  I am attempting to live, pause for dramatic effect, without a cell phone.   I know that this is something absurd perhaps even blasphemous to some of my readers, however up to this point, it has been an enlightening experience. 

Living without a cell phone, I have found freedom.  I noticed that I am much less likely to make plans with my friends as I have no real way of communicating other than when we are face-to-face.  This has also led me spend my free time wandering about campus where I meet people I rarely see.  In addition to wandering, I have no way of telling time.  I do not carry a watch, so walking without a cell phone has cut my worries about being places.  I leave early in the morning to get to classes.  I do not feel like I’m constantly rushing, and the construct of time is no longer a major stressor throughout my day.

Don’t get me wrong, I miss the convenience of a cell phone, and by the end of fall break, I will have my phone working again.  But, I feel that living without a phone is interesting.  It gave me a chance to meet people I would not have, it freed me from the stress of time, and it gave me a better understanding of society and technology.

 -Chris Kite-

Citation for Hyphen info:

Turner, Rich. “Hyphenated Words: A Guide.” The Grammar Curmudgeon. N.p., 01 Sep 2010. Web. 7 Oct 2010. <;.


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