Is it Really a Break?

Ok, so the week leading up to break is crazy as all get out, I think we all deserve a well needed break.  Unfortunately, that is not the case for most of us.  Just making it thorugh this week before break has been rough enough.  Thank goodness that this week is almost done and we can officially say “It’s Break Time!!”

Although that is what it is supposed to be…a break; for some it is the exact opposite.  I feel as if I am going to be just as busy if not busier than what I am here at school.  The other decision we are all faced with is whether or not to go home.  Staying at SRU would be so relaxing and would probably revolve alot around sleeping in and getting a lot of work done.  Going home, on the other hand, definitely brings about many more opportunities to be busy.

Some of us think we are going home to relax, but really it’s going to be much more.  There are people to see and catch up with, family to reconnect with, and work and money to be made.  Hopefully, somewhere in there is a little time to sit back and relax and just enjoy the time without classes.  See you all when we return 🙂 Enjoy your break 🙂



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