DARe You to Not.Freak.Out!

Twice a year, every year, us college students suffer with this. Again and again we try to remain calm but it never seems possible in a world where everyone is suffering the same thing. Yep you got it- Registrationitis.

 No seriously, registration is scary, stressful, and straight up intimidating. Not only are you never sure what classes to take, but you also have to consider the reality if the class spots will even be open at the day of your personal registration. But even scarier is the realization that if you do not schedule the right classes in the right semester you could very easily add an extra semester onto your college career. Registration is the first main step at college that shows students that we are now Independent Adults in charge of our own futures. Yeah for independence, but it is at times like these that I wish I were 5 again with my main decisions being vanilla or chocolate ice cream. Lol.

Luckily, registration is not for another few weeks, giving us students plenty of time drafting and redrafting our schedule for the rest of our time here at SRU. And thankfully, like so thankfully, my advisor is incredible and always helps me figure out which classes to schedule. She pulls up my DARs report of all the classes and I have taken and that I need to take before I graduate or apply to the Exercise Science program and helps me sort through the best classes for me to register for the upcoming semester. But sometimes more importantly my advisor supplies me with a huge bowl of chocolate as comfort treats while we work on figuring everything out. 🙂 Yummy! Also, more thanks to FALL BREAK this coming weekend where I will have plenty of time to sit down and figure out the classes for my next 3 years of school. And I will also be at home on my big comfy couch, which alone will make the ordeal much less stressful! Haha just knowing that I will eat my mom’s home-cooked food for dinner will make scheduling a breeze!

Well that is all for now!

Until Next Week… Have a safe and happy Fall Break!

Kaitlin Daly 🙂


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