Fall Fellowship!

Ok question for you: what event takes place once a year where 280 students meet from 30 campuses from Western PA to fellowship and worship for an entire weekend? Well there’s only one answer! Yep that’s right! Fall Retreat with Campus Crusade for Christ- the best weekend of the year!

For me, this year’s Fall Retreat was round two.  Although last year’s retreat was awesome, this year was much more memorable because, well, I’m a sophomore and now I know people! Haha But no seriously, it was wonderful coming to the retreat and already knowing 70 plus people from SRU and other campuses like Clarion, IUP, and Pitt!  Held once again at Little Mahoning Bible Campground near IUP, this outdoorsy setting allowed for great games and reflection time.  All around the weekend was packed with great talks, worship, and times with my good friends from Slippery Rock.

To give you a better idea, let me give you a run-down of the “A Day in the Life of a Fall Retreater”.   Well breakfast was served in the morning followed by the morning worship and talk given by our national speaker Roger Hershey who shared his life and his work around the country with different Greek Life organizations.  Next came my favorite part of the day: reflection time! Now let me clarify that this reflection time could be whatever you wanted, but for me, I always took a path through the woods and climbed a rock or two to reflect on the talk of whatever else I needed to pray about.  After lunch came the largest girls-vs.-boys game of Capture the Flag I have ever seen! Sadly, the girls team lost both games but we sure gave them a run for their money a few times! After another talk and more awesome praise and worship music came the boys SRU vs. IUP Campus Crusade, tackle (with no pads) football game! This tradition started 10 years ago and the boys play every year to see who will come out on top! Ironically, just like the actually school’s teams that evening, IUP beat SRU by one touchdown! Oh well! It was still an excellent game to watch! In the evening is worship, fellowship, bonfires, and s’mores! What a great day to spend with friends from school and learn more about my faith especially here on campus!

Fall Retreat is just one the many events that Campus Crusade holds each year here at SRU.  We are soo blessed to have such a large and vibrant Campus Crusade here at Slippery Rock and I love each and every moment that I spend with my brother and sisters from this organization! 🙂

Well all for now!

Hope your week is going wonderfully!

Until Next Time…

Kaitlin 🙂


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