Japanese food, etc.

It’s been a long week with work, classes, and everyday life. It feels more like ten days instead of just five. But, now the weekend finally is here.

The first thing I’ll be doing is meeting my friend for dinner and conversation. It’s been a while since I’ve seen her—maybe even a year. She’s bringing me a gift of hijiki—my favorite Japanese food. Yum! To me, it looks like something that fell out the bottom of a lawnmower, like a green clump of grass. It’s actually a kind of seaweed with a few other little goodies mixed in. I love Japanese food–daikon, vegetables in tempora, umebushi plums, little pastries with beans inside, those brown beans that go so well with green tea ice cream—it’s all just so delicious.

The rest of the weekend will be home improvements and homework. I’ll mix it up and in the blink of an eye it will be Monday! Have a great weekend!

Laurel P.


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