Julius would be Proud

If you read my last post, then you may have noticed that an entire month of my summer was left out, and if you thought I slept from June until August, then you thought wrong.  Since July was so far from my experiences in June and August, I thought they deserved to be set apart in their very own blog post.

My major, rec. therapy, like most requires a practicum.  A practicum is similar to an internship, but it is less in depth and commonly taken over the summer of junior year.  I decided to use my apartment in Slippery Rock to my advantage by securing a practicum nearby.  I found a personal care home within five minutes driving distance and locked it up.  It did not have a professional in rec. therapy, but it provided me with some background in working with a geriatric population in a long-term care facility.  The house was a relaxed atmosphere which gave me the freedom to do whatever I wanted.  I often found myself chatting with the residents, hearing life stories, playing cards and bingo, and contemplating what I would be like when I became their age.  Studying the books forever can only teach you so much, but after seeing that the numbers they mention are living, breathing individuals, you get a sense of why personal care is so important. 

After a few weeks of full-time work at the personal care home, it was time for my annual family camping trip to Clear Creek.  I love our family vacations which might sound strange, but it is the only time everyone can quit pettifog and relax.  It is especially nice to see my father.  He has an extremely stressful job that he would quit if not to provide for the family and fund our trips which he looks forward to for months.  Whenever we travel, we eat constantly.  Somehow my parents managed to make a seafood gumbo, Italian sausages, and complete breakfasts every morning among other things over our campfire. 

Another special part of camping is bonding with my younger brothers, Kyle and Kevin.  We spent a lot of time in the river beside our cabin whether it be canoeing, swimming, or skipping stones.  We even built a stone dam complete with flags and cairns to mark water level, but we were asked to take it down.  Apparently it’s illegal to dam up a major body of water.

By far my favorite part of the trip had to be sitting around the campfire talking, singing, and playing guitar with my family and our neighbors.  There is something magical about its glow.  I think it hypnotizes everyone around it into a child whose only need is a smore for complete and utter bliss.

It was one of those trips that I will remember forever.  Overall, the month made my summer.  I spent time learning about my career, growing old, and myself.  Now my summer is complete, and I’m prepared for the cold.  I’ll keep the campfire in my mind to keep me warm.

Chris Kite


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