Another Weekend

The weekend is here. Yeaaaa.

The weekends are always a mix for me. They can involve any number of activities, including Toastmasters club meetings, shopping, caring for my birds, maintaining my home and property, visiting friends, reading, or studying. I usually do so much of one thing and then switch to another. I don’t think my attention span is all that long. I would like to get more skating and hiking in, but they always seem to get pushed aside for the more important things.

Lately, I am trying to get the house upgraded before the cold weather sets in. I have shelves to sand and stain, post and shelves to install, and woodwork to paint. If I get those three projects completed before winter, I’ll be a happy camper.

I’m enjoying my two classes so far. In creative writing, we had to write any style of poem we wanted and then a sonnet. That was fun. And, in Communication Research Methods I have been mulling over what I would eventually like to do the research on. This is exciting to me because I am hoping to research something that will have an effect on my career potential and give me some ‘bragging rights.’ Not to mention that it would be great if my research could somehow make a difference. I’m looking forward to getting more deeply into both of these classes with hopes of sharpening my skills and creating credentials.

So, this weekend will be another one of the usual mix. Home repair, cleaning the coop, and reading and studying are at the top of the list. I’m sure it will go fast, and I’ll be back here Monday to start again.

Enjoy your weekend,

Laurel P.


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