The Joy of Learning

Two weeks down, about 3 months to go!

It feels good, though. The campus is already buzzing with activity. I don’t have much spare time to do things, but I did get to watch some students riding a camel, attend the president’s picnic for our Honors Program students, and see the memorial for the 9/11 victims.

So far, my two classes are a bit slow, but I know they will be speeding up soon. I’ve recently had two classes that focused on the joy of learning, and I believe this is something that I have always appreciated. There is so much going on in life, in the world around us, that there is not enough time in one’s lifetime to learn everything. This is one of the blessings of attending classes even at my older age. I am still learning. True, things that some younger people may struggle with, I’ve learned long ago, but I am certainly not to a point of knowing it all. (Far from it!)

I choose classes that fit my interests and goals. I build on what I already know, and benefit from the knowledge and experience of the books and instructors. I am enjoying the opportunity to explore more deeply areas that have already grabbed my interest. Somehow I know that this is all leading to a place of greater excellence, excitement, and fulfillment. I’m enjoying the journey.

I hope everyone who attends has at least as much pleasure from the joy of learning as I am having.

Laurel P.


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