Back to the Grind…

So unfortunately Summer is over and we are now back to schoolwork, classes, homework, and exams.  We always dread it, but it is something we all must do if we are in college at this point in our lives.  I must say that working all summer long feels less stressful now than what it did during the summer.  Unfortunately, another sad factor is that all the money we made over the summer is now all going towards out college funds 😦 O well, gotta do what you gotta do.

One thing is for sure though…I feel as if I have so much more work to do and not enough time to do it already.  I mean this should not be the feeling already and you know it’s bad when a professor says they do not have time to get their work done.  I mean what is with that?  Definitely need either more hours in the day or less work is at least how I feel.

Even though we are back and working our little behinds off, it is still nice to come back and reunite with friends that we were unable to see over the summer.  We work so hard during the week that when its time for the weekend we need to have something to turn to blow off steam and just relax and hang out.

Sometimes, the weekends are intimidating at first, but by the second and third year the weekends are basically the thing that is most looked forward to and seen as rewarding even if it just means staying in and having a movie night with the roommates.  Also, depending on the living arrangements and where one is staying at, there are always visitors just stopping by to say hi.  So, sometimes it is just as nice to stay in and hangout as it is to go out.

There are positives and negatives to being back at college, but at the same time it is a nice change from being away from home once again.  Hopefully everyone enjoyed their summer and is having an okay start back to college this year.  Good Luck with all of the up and coming events, games, and exams.  Here’s to the 2010-2011 school year!!



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