Back in Action- Rocking it Slippery Rock Style!

Well hello again! In the words of Michael Scott from The Office “I IS BACK!!” 🙂 Yep two weeks ago I repacked my van with the parents to move back into Watson Hall for another exciting and eventful year at Slippery Rock! Coming back as a sophomore was definitely much different than coming as a freshman. I mean I already knew where everything was on campus, which Boozel ice cream flavors are the best, and how to set up my dorm room to best fit my lifestyle with school and activities. However, I was not prepared at how busy I would be upon my arrival back at school- but these past weeks sure showed me up! With balancing classes, study dates, meetings, bible studies, socials, and free food events in the quad I am sure kept on my toes at all times! Some people may find this crazy busy to be a downer, but I personally would not have it any other way! It just goes to show how much Slippery Rock has to offer to its students!
In addition to reconnecting with my awesome friends from last year, I have spent a majority of the past weeks getting to know the freshman both on my floor, but also in my FYRST Seminar class. You see, I am a Peer Leader in an Exercise Science, FYRST Seminar class that meets twice a week to help freshman adjust to college life. My class is awesome and we have a lot of fun with our crazy icebreakers and interesting class discussions! So far we have had speakers come from the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership to share many ways for students to get involved on campus and… dang… are there soo many ways! From Greek Life, to clubs like Exercise Society and Campus Crusade for Christ, to jobs in the ARC, library, and offices, and spring break trips to Mexico, Spain, and Italy We Have It All here at SRU! In addition to speakers in FYRST class, we also are going to the ropes course for leadership and team building games this coming week! After this event my students are going to do a scavenger hunt project in groups to find various buildings and offices around campus. They will also have to present on the information that they find which will help them prep for the many professional talks they will have to make as Exercise Science students in the future! I am looking forward to getting to know my FYRST students better as I continue to help them get a jump-start into life here at the Rock!
Well that is all for now!
Have a wonderful week and keep shining!
Until next time…
Kaitlin 🙂


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