A Few More Weeks of Summer!

Thank you for checking back regularly to Slippery Rock University’s Rock Blog.  We hope you can use this blog for any of the following:

  • to learn more about a student’s life in college;
  • to read all about the happenings at The Rock;
  • to gauge if you would jive (do people even still use that word?) with the Slippery Rock community; or
  • to simply be entertained and, perhaps, procrastinate a little bit.  (Don’t worry: your secret is safe.)

On our end, we’ve had an amazing summer here on campus.  With three separate academic sessions, six Orientations to welcome the newest members of our SRU family, the rennovation of our science hall, and the installation of a new information system to better serve our students, it has certainly not been a sleepy summer!  And that doesn’t even include the ton of visitors (an exact measurement ;-)) that came to The Rock for Summer Preview Visit Days, Career Days, and all of our daily visits.

In all, we’ve gotten a lot accomplished these past few months.  Now, as we gear up for the start of the Fall semester, we are anxious to see all of our students on campus once again.  Check back in a couple weeks to once again enjoy the musings and adventures of our own Rock Bloggers!  It’s like the Real Housewives of Slippery Rock, except better.


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