Bittersweet Feelings

Do you know how weird that word is- bittersweet. Just think about tasting something bittersweet. Is it possible? Not sure I’ve ever done it before but if ya have would you give me a holler? I want to know about your experience. lol

So yes I am feeling (maybe tasting soon) bittersweet about this school year ending. For all you reading who have yet to come to college, well let’s just say the homework load is doubled from your past educational experiences. Homework doing is always a natural pastime of college students but when it comes down to the last week before finals it gets a little ridiculous. You get two results: 1) You kept up with all your work throughout the semester but your professors decide to torture you with a research paper, Powerpoint, and oral presentation or 2) You have the classes where students slack during the semester and then are cramming to finish work this week. Either way, students are flocking to the library to finish work and get a jumpstart on finals studying. Trust me, I’m writing this from the library and was very fortunate to get a computer to message you lovely people! So the end to school work with the start of summer is SWEEEEET!!

Now I am also bitter because I realize that I have 2 weeks with my college family until I pack up my entire (yes my entire) room and head back to Cleveland for the summer. Now don’t get me wrong, I am very very excited for summer! However, I wish that I could spend my summer with both my family and high school friends along with my boyfriend and friends here at SRU. But I guess this is just a fact of life that I will have to get used to. Moving from summer mode to school mode, back to summer mode, to school mode again. This is just how college works!

I hope all you readers are looking forward to summer and then coming to The Rock for the best four years of your life! If you have any questions about ANYTHING please don’t hesitate to comment and ask!

Until next week… keep shining!
Kaitlin Daly 🙂


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