Brave New Plays

During the kaleidoscope festival, the theater department showed a lot performance all over campus. There were performances in the quad the theater, all over. My favorite part of the festival is the brave new plays performances. The brave new plays consist of eight ten-minute plays, two one plays, and the premiere of deep church hollow. These plays are written by students, directed by students, and acted by students. All of these plays were fantastic and fun to watch. One of my favorite plays was during the ten-minute plays date. The play was “Dabbling.” It’s the story of a man who was confused of his sexuality when he realized he “dabbled” with another man from work. He aids help from his best friend and his best friend’s eight year old daughter. The play was funny and seemed to enlighten the audience during the performance. Another play from the ten-minute plays that was interesting was a play called “AFK.” This play only consisted of two actors. A male and female who are world of war craft players. They apparently have a certain relationship between one another, but one of them is not sure of their relationship. This was also funny and enjoyable to watch, but it probably would have been even funnier if I understood anything about the world of war craft.
Also there was the one act plays, they were “The Cat” and “Sodden.” The cat was about a family with a couple of issues who seemed to have misplaced their cat somewhere. The story includes an uptight mother, a busy dad, a free spirit daughter, and psychotic son. This play has a lot of twist turns that got audience hooked on the action. The other play “Sodden” was more my favorite of the one act plays. This play was based on a true story on how a mother drowned her five children on purpose in their tub. This thriller shows a lot of intense moments and a little bit of comedy. Sadly I didn’t have a chance to go see deep church hollow which is about a haunted house. But I’m pretty sure it was good. I liked all the plays I saw and I can’t wait to next year’s brave new plays where I might actually act, direct, or even write one of them.

Frank Hammond


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