Leader. Ship.

I am an Office fanatic! I love The Office (the TV show that is). One of my favorite lines from this show is during the episode The Booze Cruise. The boss, Michael Scott, attempts to relate a company-paid cruise to his leadership seminar:

“Leader. Ship. The word ‘ship’ is hidden inside the word ‘leadership,’ as its… derivation!”

HAHAHA I think it’s hilarious!!! If you don’t well, trust me, it is!

Coming to Slippery Rock at the start of the year, one of my main goals was to become a leader around campus. I was determined to learn more about how to be a great leader and work well with all types of people. My first step in doing this was to GET INVOLVED.

And man did I get involved: Campus Crusade for Christ, RockCatholic, Exercise Science Society, Pre-PT Club, Major Fitness, LLC Ambassadors—I did it all! However the one group I applied for that really jumpstarted me into my goal of becoming a better leader was the First Leaders Scholar Program. This is held through the Office for Student Involvement and Leadership. This year-round freshman program taught me soooooo many aspects of being a leader from compromise, to diversity, to personality types. I am a much better leader right now because of this program. If you are interested in applying, applications are available in the fall and it is a great way to interact and socialize with some of the top leaders in your class!

Thanks to my involvement and improving leadership skills, along with my positive attitude and passion for my faith, I have been asked to lead Campus Crusade’s Women’s Ministry this coming year. This is both a huge honor and a chance to put my leadership skills into action! I am very excited to get to know many of the girls in Cru and also be able to bring more people to Cru and Christ through this position. However, I also want to stress the point that one does not need to be in a leadership position in order to be a leader. All through high school and this first year at Slippery Rock, I was a very strong leader in sports, clubs, and activities but I was usually never in an official leadership position. Just by having a positive attitude and extending a helpful hand to others around you, you are being a great leader in your classes and around campus. I strive to live this way each day, bettering my day by truly trying to better others’ day too!

Until next week….
Keep shining!
-Kaitlin Daly 🙂


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