Welcome Home…

So, instead of a nice, calming, relaxing trip home for the weekend it turned into something far from that.  I don’t know about you, but if I am going home on a weekend I like to leave as soon as can.  So, first off, I didn’t get to leave campus until after 7 o’clock and then we HAD to stop to get dinner on the way.  Of course, we can’t stop, get it, and eat it on the way.  NO, we had to eat there so by the time we were on our way home from there it was 8:30.  Then, the weather was still bad.

What happened to all those 80 degree days earlier this week?  They just disappeared in the matter of about one hour.  Not only was it cold and windy, but now it was cloudy and dreary.  What a nice change…NOT.

So, i I was not happy about coming home in the first place, because all kinds of plans started coming up; but now I left power to go home to no power.  While it is definitely nice for a change, it was not something I was looking forward to.  It just topped the week off this week. : (   So hoping and keeping our fingers crossed there were still lights fifteen minutes away from our house and then it was black.  Talk about eerie.  It reminded me of a scary movie…the only lights were the lights of cars on the road and the trees were screaming and and creaking in the wind and the stars were scarce, blocked by the clouds in the sky.  So, it was catch up time with family that were still awake by the time we finally got home and then it was bed time.  What an early night.

It is pretty sad when my earliest night to be in bed during the week is a Friday night.  Wow.  Go me.  Oh well, in the end the power finally did come back on and hopefully stays on.  We do not want a repeat of last year here at the Rock without power during the week of finals.

– Stephanie


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