Over the Hump

Finals are May 4 – 8. The last day of classes is May 3. That’s less than three weeks away. There’s a weird combination of feelings that accompany this time period. Some thoughts running through my mind are:

I can’t wait for these classes to be over.
I’m almost there…3 weeks…yeaaaaaaaa!
How are we going to finish all this material in just 3 weeks?
Finals are coming up…great…just what I need. Nooooooo!
Three more weeks! Just 3 more weeks!

Anticipation, anxiety, the beginnings of relief, frustration, exhaustion, stress, more anticipation…

Of course, pre-session begins May 12, so there’s only a brief moment to take a deep breath and then start all over. But, since pre-session only lasts until May 27, it could be quite intense. (I must be crazy!)

After pre-session, I’m done until fall. That gives me June, July, and August to enjoy other things. I’m looking forward to making the most of it. I’ll be sanding shelves, gardening, caring for my birds, planting trees, and working on some computer things. I’m also planning to go to Watkins Glen http://www.nysparks.com/parks/142/details.aspx and Ithaca http://www.visitithaca.com/, New York, as well as revisiting Fallingwater http://www.fallingwater.org/14/traveler%e2%80%99s-guide and the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon http://www.visittiogapa.com/canyon.html.

Yeah…three weeks, plus pre-session, and I’m ready!

– Laurel P.


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